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Monochrome Colour is The New Black in Web Design

        Monochrome colour means the design is consist of only a primary colour and it is mixed with white, grey or black to make the colour slightly creamy, lighter or darker. The rules of having a design with monochrome colour are that your design is filled with that particular monochrome colour with a mixture of the lighter and darker shade.

Be brave and design with only monochrome colour inform your audiences what you want to present.

There are a few reasons listed here why you should start designing your website with monochrome colour:

1. Create a long-lasting impression

Have you ever wondered why would a brand use the same colour for their logo, advertisement or poster? This is because they want the colour to represent their brand. Monochrome colour can actually function as your brand’s representation colour. For example, when people thought of blue colour, they might have thought of Facebook.

2. Branding Tip- Straight to the point

There is no need to beat around the bush with a complicated website or logo. Monochrome colour is here for you! A complicated website will cause your viewers to spend a long time to search for your hidden logo or keywords. They might have no idea what your message is and a complicated website will cause your viewers to lose interest in your website.

3. Monochrome colour functions as a storyteller

Let the colour to speak for you. Monochrome colour can act as the representation for a theme or a topic. For example, pink represents feminine and you could use pink as your theme colour if your website is selling female products.

Designing your website with a monochrome colour can save you a lot of troubles, such as mix and match your website with a number of colours. If you need some advice from a web design agency, feel free to contact web design Malaysia for more information.

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